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Soul Colour and the Sixth Science -  Out Now - AU $65.00

Welcome to Sixth Science

In this new and exciting website you will find the first of many colourful and informative titles coming from new and talented writers in the non-mainstream and esoteric understandings of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Sixth Science Digital Works aims to provide a platform for anyone who has a simple book or novel that they have written, but may not have the required skills or relevant knowledge to continue. Sixth Science Digital Works provides the service to have it professionally edited, composed, digitally produced and sold throughout the world in limited and single, unique productions.

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Sales & Booklist

This is to become a comprehensive listing of products and descriptions available from Sixth Science with brief excerpts from each, along with simple images of what to expect from your purchase. This booklist will outline the options, such as hardback deluxe, softback or ebook.

Links are also provided for direct sales and shopping cart transactions using PayPal system of money transactions and exchanges, or via credit card also using the PayPal system. Direcet Debit can also be used within Australia.


This section is used to book a reading with gifted mediums who provide querents with a range of reading techniques, including:

  • Mediumship
    (connecting with deceased loved ones including pets)
  • Clairvoyance/Pre-Cognition
    (foretelling of future events)
  • Identification of Spirit Guides
    (Interpretation of their messages)
  • Aura and Chakra reading
  • Soul Colour and Soul Purpose diagnosis
  • Psychometry
    (reading of objects including photographs, jewellery, clothing)
  • Remote access reading
    (description of far off places, lost persons, lost items)
  • Palm reading
    (only available in person or by sending a palm scan)
  • Medical Intuitive diagnosis
    (identification of illnesses and health problems relating to the chakras)
Book now for face to face, telephone, and email readings.

Links and Associates

Providing easy access to informative and like minded sites to help the every increasing desire for knowledge and information.

Cecelia Pyschics

Soul Colour and the Sixth Science
Rachel K. Vaughan

for an introductory limited time.
~ Softback 90 pages ~

Extra-sensory abilities are gifts for those who know how to utilise and control the bombardment of sensory information available. For humans who are incapable of controlling such channels, extra sensory perception can be a curse.
This book has been written to assist persons who are able to detect, through the higher psychic senses, the many non-physical beings who coexist with humans on Earth. Most importantly, it has been written to facilitate the arming of the psychically aware against the non-physical entities of malicious intent who access the third dimension.
Links and Associates

Rachel K. Vaughan

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