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Sales and Ordering
In this section you will find an ever growing range of titles available for purchase. These are high quality, professional, semi-gloss productions that are bright, vivid and written in an easy going style. Both informative and thought provoking, these titles will be loved by the curious mind.

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Soul Colour and the Sixth Science
Soul Colour and the Sixth Science
Softback ~ 90 pages

Extra-sensory abilities are gifts for those who know how to utilise and control the bombardment of sensory information available. For humans who are incapable of controlling such channels, extra sensory perception can be a curse.
This book has been written with the desire to assist persons who are able to detect, through the higher psychic senses, the many non-physical beings who coexist with humans on Earth. Most importantly, it has been written in the hope of arming the psychically aware against the non-physical entities of malicious intent who access the third dimension.
$ 65.00
Soul Colour Volume II
Coming Soon
$ 0.00
Necklace #1
$ 50.00
Necklace #2
$ 55.00
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