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Rachel Vaughan is a psychic medium who has conducted thousands of individual readings in her 14 year professional career. Her easy going, gentle and often humorous approach inspires a joyful connection with spirit.
Rachel is gifted in providing querents with a range of reading techniques, including:

  • Mediumship
    (connecting with deceased loved ones including pets)
  • Clairvoyance/Pre-Cognition
    (foretelling of future events)
  • Identification of Spirit Guides
    (Interpretation of their messages)
  • Aura and Chakra reading
  • Soul Colour and Soul Purpose diagnosis
  • Psychometry
    (reading of objects including photographs, jewellery, clothing)
  • Remote access reading
    (description of far off places, lost persons, lost items)
  • Palm reading
    (only available in person or by sending a palm scan)
  • Medical Intutitive diagnosis
    (identification of illnesses and health problems relating to the chakras)
An Akashic adept, Rachel is able to interpret the resonance and vibration of the voices and auras of her patrons. Every voice and aura is individual and acts like a barcode allowing access to client’s past, present and future timeline in the Akashic record.

The Akashic record is an energetic ‘library’ which exists within the electro-magnetic spectrum. This database is imprinted with the experiences of every entity who has incarnated on Earth. By accessing this record for her clients Rachel is able to accurately foretell future events with 70 to 80% precision, and past and present events with often greater accuracy.
Rachel’s global clientele include persons from all walks of like. Highly trained academic professionals, doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychologists, CEO’s, lawyers, accountants, actresses, tradespersons, alternative healers, as well as other professional psychics, pursue her advice.

By connecting with the spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones of those who seek her counsel, Rachel is able to interpret and pass on messages pertaining to the highest good and soul purpose of each client.
As a channel, Rachel has authored a series of written works. Her better known work “Soul Colour and the Sixth Science” was published through Sixth Science publications in January 2017 and has become a favourite amongst clients.
Rachel provides face to face, telephone, and email readings.

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Rachel K. Vaughan

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