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Rachel Vaughan - Psychic Development Courses.

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Rachel Vaughan is a Psychic Medium who has conducted over 10.000 readings during 19 years of professional experience. Rachel is now offering a Psychic Development course for those wishing to develop their intuition further with the following;

  1. Psychic / energetic protection; intuiting ghosts, spirit guides, faery entities, angelic beings, and shadow entities;

  2. Aura reading / ability to distinguish levels of soul development in relation to auric colour / frequency and how that relates to psychic ability;

  3. Finding one’s soul purpose for incarnation;

Ethically manifesting in all areas of life,
including love and career.

The course will be available by zoom link over 4 weeks, one session per week, with each meeting lasting for a duration of 1 and a half hours. Finalisation of dates and times to be advised personally after initial contact.

Each individual 1 and a half hour session will cost $62.50, with a total cost of $250 (AUD) for the entire course (4 x $62.50 each) payable by electronic funds transfer prior to each weekly session.

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