6th Science - Psychic Development - Rachel Vaughan

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Rachel Vaughan's Psychic Development Course


The course lasts 4 weeks.

Meetings will be weekly, for one and a half to two hours. Dates will be finalised as the courses come nearer.

  • 1st Meeting
    Psychic/energetic protection; intuiting Ley lines, ghosts, spirit guides, faery entities, angelic beings, and shadow entities.

  • 2nd Meeting
    Aura reading/ability to distinguish levels of soul development in relation to auric colour & frequency and how that relates to psychic ability.

  • 3rd Meeting
    Finding one’s soul purpose for incarnation.

  • 4th Meeting
    Question and answer session relating to course topics already covered and how members feel they are progressing.

Rachel's Psychic Development Courses

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Rachel Vaughan is a Psychic Medium who has conducted over 10.000 readings during 19 years of professional experience. Rachel is now offering a Psychic Development course for those wishing to develop their intuition further. The course will develop and evolve maturity in the three fundamental areas.

  1. Psychic / energetic protection systems and techniques; intuiting ghosts and spiritual matter; spirit guides and faery entities; angelic beings and shadow entities; leylines and geophysical energies.

  2. Aura reading / ability to distinguish levels of soul development in relation to auric colour / frequency and how that relates to psychic ability.

  3. Investigating and undertaking the quest to find one’s soul purpose for incarnation.

The total cost of the course is $300. (AUD)

Each individual 1 and a half hour session will cost $75, with a total cost of $300 (AUD) for the entire course (4 x $75 each) payable by electronic funds transfer prior to commencement of first zoom session in a single payment.

Ethically manifesting in all areas of life,

including love and career.


Once placement in the course has been established, I will send through details via which you can make payment.

It is understood that some members may not be able to attend all of the meetings. However, meetings are not recorded for privacy reasons, so if you miss a session, you cannot watch it later.

It is preferred that payment is made via direct debit to my bank account. If Paypal is preferred this can be organised. Internationaal members outside of Australia will have to use Paypal. I will work with members individually to facilitate payment.

Payment should clearly indicate your full name, as it appears on your zoom account. As the course co-ordinator I will only be allowing into the zoom space individuals who have pre-paid for the session. If your zoom account name and the name on your payment do not correlate I may be unable to identify you and you may not enter the meeting.

Thank you again for registering interest in my course. I am so excited to make this available. It has been a dream of mine for many years to share some of what I have learned over my lifetime. I truly hope it assists members to utilise their inherent gifts and abilities.

I will be in touch soon.

Kindest Regards, Rachel Vaughan


Psychic Development
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