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About The Author

Rachel K. Vaughan

Rachel has spent the last 13 years reading to an ever widening audience. Currently employed by an international company offering psychic counselling to a global clientele, Rachel regularly reads for highly educated professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, CEO’s, alternative healers, accountants, university lecturers, psychologists and teachers.

During her career as a medium, Rachel has perceived the existence of soul colours within the auras of her clients. Unlike the emotional and physical indicators present in the middle aura which have been utilised by eastern health practitioners for millennia to diagnose illness, soul colours are indicative of a range of factors including a soul’s level of enlightenment, number of incarnations, the purpose of their current incarnation, and level of psychic ability. After a decade of explaining the significance of soul colours to individual clients, Rachel found that requests for her philosophy to be explained in text were so numerous that she started writing.

The books Rachel writes for Sixth Science is an understanding of our multiverse which Rachel has gleaned through a combination of studies. Along with meticulous notes taken over countless professional readings, as well as the study of Physics (at Astro and Quantum levels), Theology, Psychology, and the history of paranormal phenomena, Rachel’s understanding of the parallel dimensions within which we exist is comprehensive.

Wherever necessary, she has employed the innate wisdom of the group of spirit guides with whom she has received correspondence throughout her current lifetime.
Rachel hopes that through her writing, she may assist humanity to achieve an age where human psychic ability is understood, honed, and qualified through an appropriate educational format to lend credibility to human extra sensory perception and the calling of professional mediumship.

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Rachel K. Vaughan

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